Occupy WiFi is a public performance piece, wireless art installation and hacktivism tool for the post-Snowden era all at once. It takes advantage of the most basic human need: the constant hunger for open WiFi networks in public space. occupy wifi router

The Occupy WiFi project, developed by the Israeli Pirate Party, is a call for action: turn yourselves into Web servers and propaganda distributors. This enables activists, protesters and other freedom of speech advocates to virtually demonstrate in public institutions, cafes or banks, without having to get a protest license, while grabbing the crowd’s attention.


  • Buy a portable router, we recommend TL-MR3040, which includes a battery sufficient for 4-5 hours
  • Program a captive portal with your message
  • Choose a name for the network - impersonate the local network to lure users
  • Get out to public space!

* Living close to public buildings and strategic places? You don’t need to actually get out. Turn your home router into a hot propaganda spot.

Want to receive advice, propose ideas, join us for a mission, or report an Occupy WiFi act you carried out? You can reach us here - occupywifi@gmail.com


  • The Occupy act will last no less than 3 hours, or the duration of the minimal queue at the chosen site
  • The Occupy act is Sisyphean and indirect, as it does not predict its results. The Sisyphean is the political!
  • The Occupy act is separated and isolated from the “real”, Cloudy, big Internet

Is the Internet, like the jewish Elohim, not one-that-is-many? A singular form which includes an infinite multiplicity? Why only one Internet? Why not many internet(s)? You’re an internet! Make your own cloud, and bring down drops of propaganda from the electromagnetic skies!

They might erase our messages from the cities’ walls, but the electromagnetic space still remains free. After the mask and the camera, we wish to add the router to the artillery of the digital activist and the information jihadist. The router a radius of radical free speech! The antenna is the message!

Suggestions for action:

Protest a bank’s economic injustice to the people waiting in line. Let people in the Ministry of Interior know about the dangers of the biometric database. Give the people in the local cafe free access to content protected by a paywall.